About What’s Cooking

Hi, I’m Christian and I absolutely love food. It is quite obvious when you look at my photo down there – I’m the only guy in the group with a BMI higher than the calorie count of a chocolate bar. The other guys involved are Ben, Kelly, Michael, Michael, Ben, Grant and Kirsten (Yes, there are 2 Bens and 2 Michaels!).

The one thing we have in common: we all love food, travel and meeting new, interesting people. This is why we’ve started What’s Cooking – this is our passion project.


Christian eats everything first before it gets published here. You might think: OMG isn’t he big enough already? But we call it quality control.

Ben designs stuff for the internet and in real-life.

Kelly is our amazing photographer. The three subjects he loves photographing most are food, people and more food.

Ben 2 is Ben Bayly. What can I say about Ben… I don’t think I have to say much at all. Ben is one of New Zealand’s top chefs – ‘Nuff said!

Michael 2 is Michael Gin. He makes awesome desserts and shares his favourite recipes here with us.


Cooking 4 Change – 101 Famous Kiwis share their favourite recipes

Last year we published our first cookbook in an effort to raise money for people in need in New Zealand. It featured 101 famous individuals from New Zealand including Sam Neill, Lucy Lawless and Karl Urban. It was an experience cooking with all of them right in their homes and getting to know them just a little bit more intimately!

During Christmas last year, we prepared a surprise for those in need. 100 mouths were fed with a 3-course roast, all prepared and cooked by the very celebrities we featured in the cookbook.

Recently, we have completed our second book where we cooked with 75 famous chefs, bakers and foodies from New Zealand. This time round, we asked them to share their mothers’ star recipes, family stories and tales.

Hungry for more, our next culinary adventure takes us to the Big Apple.

We’ve decided to share our journey with everyone through our website and social channels – we hope you can join us!


We joined forces with Auckland City Mission to prepare a star-studded meal for 100 mouths